Wednesday, 1 December 2010

postheadericon Sushi Washoku Challenge Report

Apologies for the absence of blogs recently. Your resident Shiki blogger was away in October, so we had to rely on our trusty Shiki Facebook fan page -where you can, of course, make use of Shun-san's ever prompt responses!

On October 28th, Shiki hosted the Sushi Washoku Challenge in partnership with JETRO (Japan External Trade Organisation). Washoku (和食) means traditional Japanese cuisine and there was certainly plenty of that on offer during our two sushi workshops.

The event featured an all-day stall outside the restaurant selling specially imported Japanese sweets and snacks rarely available in the UK, but instantly recognisable if you've ever visited Japan. There were also free Japanese tea, sake and sweet tastings!

The Washoku Challenge was a great success and we hope to have more events such as this in the near future. Please check this blog or our facebook page for further details.


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