Wednesday, 14 July 2010

postheadericon Sushi Class Number 7

The next Sushi Class is on 22nd July! The class starts from 19:00 (until around 21:00) in the restaurant. There are still a few places available!

Shun will be teaching you how to make sushi rice and prepare all the ingredients for hosomaki (thin rolls), uramaki (inside out rolls), and nigiri (oval shaped rice with fish on the top).

As usual, the cost is £45.00 per head and includes equipment rental, ingredients, sushi tasting and wine or sake tasting!

For more information, or to reserve a place, please email Shun at, or call us on 01603-619-262.

postheadericon Lord Mayor's Celebration

Shiki took things outside for the Lord Mayor's Celebration this past Saturday. Thousands of people lined the streets around the city centre to catch the parade - an established Norwich tradition packed with music and dancing and all manner of characters from dragons to daleks!

The imposing figure of the town crier led the procession, followed by the new Lord Mayor of Norwich, Tom Dylan.

The event raises money for numerous charities as well as promoting local societies and businesses. The busy sound of whistles almost evoked the Matsuri (festivals) of Japan!

Shiki's Teppanyaki Chef, Cisco, got in on the act with some improvised egg-juggling (much to these two stewards' delight - can you spot the egg?!). Look out for video of Cisco and his Teppanyaki tricks soon...

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