Tuesday, 22 June 2010

postheadericon Fire and Ice

We haven't featured desserts on the Shiki blog before, but we thought this one would catch your attention. Introducing Teppanyaki Ice Cream!

The stage is set ... let the performance begin! The mouth-watering fresh fruit and ice cream is prepared Teppanyaki-style for a unique visual experience and taste sensation (yes, we even set fire to the ice cream!).

Our Teppanyaki chef, Cisco, presents the finished masterpiece.

Teppanyaki Ice Cream is available now from Shiki!


Kris Holt said...

Hello guys,

I am a long-time fan of your restaurant - I only wish that I had the time and money to visit you more often!

I just have a couple of questions - I would very much be interested in one of your sushi schools, I note from past blogs you did you last one in May, and wonder when your next one is planned for.

I would also be keen to see if you have looked into delivering takeaways. Perhaps you have already considered and discounted this for some reason, but it is a reasonable walk to your restaurant and I would be very inclined to order food from you more if it could be delivered directly to my door.

Keep up the good work!


Shiki Japanese Restaurant said...

Thanks Kris! Much appreciated!

Our next Sushi Class is 22nd July starting from 19:00. There are still a few places available and I'll post more details soon.

I'll pass your takeaway idea to our catering team. We currently only deliver to larger catering events such as pre-arranged parties, because Japanese food hasn't quite reached the popularity of the pizza/kebab/curry (yet!).

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