Wednesday, 28 April 2010

postheadericon Lunchtime Offer: New Donburi Toppings!

From 27th April we are introducing two new Donburi toppings!

Donburi (Japanese for 'rice bowl dish'), is a staple of Japanese-style 'fast food' restaurants and makes for an ideal lunch. Shiki's Donburi are lunch-time only and at the special price of £4.50, including miso soup and pickles! The two new toppings are:

1. Una-Tama-Don (grilled eel and egg Donburi - see picture)
2. Spicy Salmon Don (fresh salmon in spicy mayo Donburi)

Please Note: These items are lunch-time only and we can only provide up to 20 Donburi a day.

postheadericon Sushi Class Number 6

The next Sushi Class is 13th May  from 19:00 to 21:00 (although it may extend a little longer).

Shun will be teaching you how to make sushi rice and prepare all the ingredients for hosomaki (thin rolls), uramaki (inside out rolls), and nigiri (oval shaped rice with fish on the top). As usual, here's a photo from our last class:

The cost is £45.00 per head  and includes equipment rental, ingredients, a free Shiki T-shirt (pink/black), sushi tasting and wine or sake tasting!

For more information, please email, or call 01603-619-262.
Monday, 12 April 2010

postheadericon Norwich Hanami

This past week saw the emergence of cherry blossom (sakura) in Norwich. You can see cherry blossom in the church yard just next to Shiki on Princes Street.

In Japan 'flower viewing' (hanami) is a national past time with mass picnics held under the cherry trees of major parks and a TV forecast of the 'cherry blossom front' (sakurazensen), which sweeps from southern Kyushu to northern Hokkaido each spring.

Be sure to catch sight of the Norfolk sakura before it disappears for another year! Read more about hanami at While the guide may suggest castles, temples and shrines, we certainly have enough churches in Norwich and there's even a cherry tree in the Cathedral grounds.

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